Your Voice Is Needed Now!

faucetParents, grandparents, teachers, and friends of gifted education, your voice is needed during the next week to help legislators know that $1.1M for the Gifted Student Program budget needs to be raised to $2M!  I have enclosed the Senate Educational Trust Fund appropriations summary for 2015 – SB 184 that was released today. The $1.1M will afford each identified gifted child in Alabama about $3.00 per year!

This budget will go to the House of Representatives next week for further changes. I need you to call, text, or Tweet your legislators in the House of Representatives for the next two weeks!  If you need to locate your legislator’s number I have included a link that can help. A telephone call would make the biggest impact!  You may not reach her/him but you will reach their secretary and they will get your message.

What is at risk? Alabama public schools gifted education programs are at risk!  Please help us create a loud voice in Alabama that supports gifted education for generations to come!

Senate ETF budget- 2015 Spreadsheets/ETF/ETF – FY 2015 FT-E Committee Substitute.pdf 

Locate your House of Representative rep -


Amy Waine

AAGC President

@sniarb on Twitter








Contact Your Legislators Now Before Time Runs Out!

Parents, grandparents, and friends of gifted students there are only 16 days left in the legislative session to decide budgets! Please contact your local legislators to ask them to raise the Gifted Student Program’s budget to 3 million!

You can find your legislator’s name, email, and telephone number by visiting   Gifted students have special needs and abilities! Your support for gifted education is greatly appreciated and valued. Contact them NOW before it is too late! 

Gifted matters in Alabama because investing in gifted education is investing in Alabama!

Amy Waine
AAGC President
@sniarb on Twitter


Legislation Update

NAAGC and SAGC flyer LB-2Senator Orr has introduced legislation that would provide for competitive two year start up grants to public schools to provide new educational programs for gifted students. The bill number is SB 118. Given strong funding, this could be so innovative, creative, and welcomed by gifted kids. (Guess what- he will be talking about this legislation on February 24!) (shared from NAAGC Facebook Page)

To see the proposed legislation, download from here.


Gifted Advocacy Update

Venspired AAGC poster





In case you didn’t hear our AAGC president, Amy Waine, on the Matt Murphy Show, we were given permission to upload the podcast of her interview.  Click here to  the interview.


Happy Gifted Education Month, 2014

2014 proclamationThe 2nd Annual Gifted Education Month (GEM) will occur during January to provide teachers, parents, administrators, and legislators an opportunity to highlight the importance of gifted education and program services in Alabama.  The theme for GEM this year is Gifted Matters in Alabama.  Gifted Education needs to matter in Alabama because gifted education provides a venue for students to reach their full potential by:

  • enhancing leadership opportunities
  • developing informed opinions
  • exposing students to various perspectives and points of view
  • establishing goals leading to career option
  • exploring post-secondary education opportunities
  • demonstrating 21st Century Skills: creativity, imagination, collaboration, cooperation, service to others, and problem-solving strategies
  • participating in field experiences and service learning
  • growing in social-emotional domains
  • developing autonomous lifelong learners and responsible citizenship

The Alabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC) gave each fall conference attendee an advocacy toolkit/handbook.  I would like to encourage you to please contact your legislators, administrators, media, and newspapers in January to advocate for gifted education’s needs that include:

  • raising the Gifted Student Program budget from $1.05 million to 3 million in the upcoming State Legislative Budget. Next legislative session begins January 13th, 2014
  • heightening awareness and support for gifted program in Alabama
  • partnering and networking with stakeholders, businesses, and community leaders

When we advocate for gifted students and programs Alabama can advance in new technologies, increase leadership in business, community, schools, and state leadership, attract new businesses that require innovative individuals, increase the pool of inventors and entrepreneurs, and create productive citizens who will contribute to Alabama’s economy.

AAGC will highlight gifted education at the fall conference. Please send your GEM ideas  to me at Please provide a short narrative detailing your event.

Let’s successfully demonstrate why gifted matters in Alabama!

Amy Waine

AAGC President



December Newsletter!


 As the holiday season comes into full swing, please take a few minutes to read the attached AAGC Newsletter. This wonderful edition is filled with conference awards and highlights, Gifted Education Month(GEM) suggestions, legislative updates and so much more! Please send me your activities for Gifted Education Month at  Your GEM activities maybe be included in a video at the AAGC Conference on September 17th-19th, 2014.
If you would like to place an article in the next newsletter about something positive or exciting that has happened in your school or area, please send your information to me at The newsletter will be published in March, 2014.  All information needs to be sent by February 28th!
I hope you and your family have wonderful holidays and a Merry Christmas! The spirit of Christmas and the holidays create heart felt feelings as family and friends come together. I look forward to experiencing all the wonderful things that can happen for gifted students in 2014!
Best Wishes,
Amy Waine
AAGC President
@sniarb on Twitter

Legislative Update


As the holiday season is almost here, I would like to ask each of you a question.  How would you like to receive more funding for students from the state legislators?  AAGC needs your help NOW to contact legislative members (House and Senate) to request that the Gifted Student Program budget be earmarked for 3 million dollars this time. Last year the state legislative budget began in the Senate. This year the state legislative budget will begin in the House.  I received information that the House has already begun constructing their budget.The legislative session will begin the week of January 13th, 2014.

I know with the holidays come many extra activities, but please take a few minutes to contact your legislators now. Your message can resonate to other legislative members that Alabama has people who care about gifted education and the funds they receive for gifted students. Please let them know the items that were purchased with the gifted monies, the purpose of purchasing the item, and invite them to your school for Gifted Education Month in January, 2014.  Your help can make a difference in the amount of funding we receive for the 2014-2015 school year!

Please don’t delay, make the call to your legislators today!


Amy Waine, President
@sniarb on Twitter


Save These Dates

savethedateWe are pleased to announce that the next three years of the AAGC Conferences have been booked at the McWane Science Center!  They are:

September 17-19, 2014
 September 16-18, 2015
 September 21-23, 2016
Please, put this on your calendars!

What Are Your Plans for 2014 Gifted Education Month (GEM)?

What Are Your Plans for 2014 Gifted Education Month (GEM)?  In January, 2014, Alabama will celebrate our 2nd Gifted Education Month! In order to be prepared for the statewide event, I am suggesting that you contact your local legislators, newspaper or radio talk show host for an interview, or local television station NOW to set a date on their calendar in January to visit your classroom to discuss with children, parents, administrators, superintendents and you why gifted matters in Alabama!

Many individuals need to hear the importance and benefits of gifted education for Alabama. This summer, I found out some legislators did not know that gifted education is mandated, but not fully funded!  Gifted education in Alabama is sparsely funded. AAGC’s funding goal for 2014 is set to request 3 to 4 million dollars in the upcoming Alabama Legislative budget.

AAGC needs your help to insure each legislator hears the message.  Please start making your GEM plans today! Also, please contact me at to let me know the great experiences thru videoing a play or event, digital pictures of products created, newspaper articles, television interviews or any other idea you had during GEM that helped promote gifted education!

The holidays will be here before we know it!  Being prepared for Gifted Education Month needs to begin now because GIFTED DOES MATTER IN ALABAMA!

Let’s show we are prepared and ready for action before 2014 arrives!


Amy S. Waine

President of the Alabama Association for Gifted Children

@sniarb on Twitter


AAGC 13 Gifted Matters Handouts and Links

We hope you enjoyed the Alabama Association for Gifted Children – Gifted Matters Conference.  If you presented, please send attachments and/or links of your presentations you may have shared with your audience.  You can email them to

Below are the session presentations that we have to date.


Mandy Fox: Tech Tools to Ignite Your Classroom

Day One:

Keynote Speaker: Ian Byrd: So Much More  Than “Smart Kids”

Ian Byrd: Write and Analyze High Level Narratives

Dr. LaVonda Senn: Socratic Circles: Thinking Like a Disciplinarian-Connecting Common Core in Elementary Classrooms

Dr. Kevin Besnoy: Novels + Computers = Book Trailers

Bob Iseminger: Choice and Challenge: Engaging Gifted Students in Effective Anchor Activities, Demystifying Differentiation in the Common Core Classroom, Talk to Me – Building Dialogue and Discussion into Common Core Lessons

Nancy Johnson and Shirley Farrell:  Ten Things Administrators Should Know about Gifted Children and Gifted Education

Ian Byrd: Discover and Develop Seeds for Differentiated Math Projects

Libby Davis: Alabama Public Television’s Free Resources Enhance Learning for Gifted Students

Jason Mayfield: Creative Strategies for the Middle/High School English Classroom

Michelle Tipton and Kristie Walker: Creative Dramatics: It’s Not Just Child’s Play

Day Two:

Keynote Speaker: Diana Reeves – Fostering Habits of Success: Pack First for the Journey

Fostering Habits of Success

Jason Mayfield: Creative Strategies for the Middle/High School English Classroom

Dr. Elizabeth Romey: Talking Therapy: Collaboration with Counselors for Gifted

Dr. Kevin Besnoy and Nicole Swoszowski: My Child is Gifted and Has a Disability: What Do I Do Now?

Barbara Romey: Keeping It Real: Community Problem Solving

Nancy Johnson and Shirley Farrell: Ten Things Administrators Should Know about Gifted Children and Gifted Education

Dr. Elizabeth Romey: A Winning Scenario: Future Problem Solving’s Story Writing Contest

Colleen Laymon: Art and Justice

PAR-FOUR: Portable, Available, Relatable, Flexible-Outstanding Use of Resources

Shannon Colburn: STEM: Growing Imaginations through Concept-Based Curriculum