5 Feb 2012

Invest in Gifted Education, Invest in Alabama


Dear Friends of Gifted,

Have you written your letter to your senator or legislator about funding for gifted?  I have and I hope you have and are encouraging your parents and students to join us in this worthwhile endeavor.  Don’t let the bad news about our education budget stop you.  If we don’t ask, we will not receive.

In my last email, I sent a sample letter that could be used by adults as well as a copy of the presentation made by AAGC board members to Representatives Jay Love and Paul Lee.  In this email, I have included a sample “kid friendly” letter, created by Kay Simpson, that you and your students can adapt to fit their circumstances.

Since we were on field trips all last week to the Botanical Gardens, I did not have my students with me in the classroom, but this week I intend to get them busy.  I plan to show them the presentation and have them discuss what they can do to get funding for their future gifted education.  We will then write letters to their legislator and senator according to where they live.  I will collect their letters and mail them.

You can find here – http://www.legislature.state.al.us/ – the website where they can type in their zip code and get the addresses of their state senator and legislator.

You can download the “kid friendly” letter here and the letter I sent out last time here as a sample for adults.

Thank you for helping Alabama invest in gifted education.

Audrey Fine, President

Alabama Association for Gifted Children


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