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2018 AAGC Conference Logo Contest

The purpose of the Contest is to design a logo for the 2018 AAGC Conference. The logo will be used for the 2018 AAGC Conference mobile App, online with the AAGC website, and in print for the AAGC Conference. The logo will be representing the 2018 Conference Theme, “Beyond the Boundaries in Gifted Education”.


“Entry” means a logo design created by the Entrant for the Contest.

“Entrant” means the individual student that submits the Entry under the terms of this Contest.

Tips for Teaching about Logos:
Have students research the following:

  1.  "How to create good logos" under Google.
  2. Research graphic artists and their careers.
  3. Research famous logos and companies' logos history and their designs.

The Contest is open to individual gifted students in Alabama public schools.

How to Enter:

  1. Schools may have only ONE entry of the following grade level groups:  3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th. 
    For example, an elementary school that has the grades of third through fifth grades needs to have an "In-house
    School contest" to declare the winning entry for their contest to be submitted for the AAGC Contest.  Multiple
    entries for the same grade from the same school will NOT be accepted.
  2. Each entry must include the individual student's name, grade level, teacher's name, and school name.
  3. Each entry must be sent by the student's teacher via email to Awards/Contests Chairperson Debbie Dumais at
  4. Each entry must follow the Submission Guidelines and Logo Design Requirements listed below.
  5. The deadline for the entries is Friday, May 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT.
  6. We will acknowledge all entries within one week of receipt or deadline via email; however, we cannot be
    responsible for entries or responses lost in email.
  7. There is no fee to enter the Contest.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. SIMPLE:  The logo entry must be simple with very few lines and colors.  It needs to look good in black and white
    as well as in color and the logo design may be changed into the AAGC organization color of purple.
  2. Flexible:  The logo entry must be easy to resize if needed.  The final version will need to be suitable for high quality printing in small and large printable versions.
  3. Unique:  The entrants must ensure that their entry does not already exist as a logo or other copyrighted images.
  4. Theme:  The logo entry must represent the 2018 AAGC Theme, "Beyond the Boundaries in Gifted Education”.
  5. Appropriate:  The target audience is primarily adult educators; however, the logo must be a child's drawing
    of their interpretation of the theme. 

Logo Design Requirements:

  1. Submit the logo design in jpeg format only.
  2. The entire logo design must be 2 inches wide by 2 inches long.  Larger entries will not be sent to the judges. 
    Use a 2"x2" template to help students understand the limitation of the logo size.
  3. The logo design must be drawn on plain white paper or cardstock.  No lined notebook paper entries will be
    acceptable for judging because of the inability to delete the lines.
  4. The logo may be drawn in black and white, in a single color (black, purple, red, etc.), or with a few colors.
  5. The drawing lines of the logo must be distinct and clear.  Since the logo will be reproduced as a very small
    image, it is very important to have a clear drawing.  Remember to keep it simple.
  6. The logo must reflect the 2018 AAGC Conference theme, "Beyond the Boundaries in Gifted Education”.
  7. The logo design may use the letters AAGC.

Judging and Selection of Winner:

  1. The winning design entry will be selected by judges appointed for the purpose and by the AAGC.  The judges
    are experts in the field of art and design and are not AAGC members.  Their decision will be final.  No further correspondence shall be necessary.  The Awards/Contests Chairperson's students are exempted from the
    contest due to the conflict of interest.
  2. The winning design entry will be recognized with an award presented to the individual student at the 2018 AAGC Conference in October, 2018.

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