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University of Alabama Summer Enrichment Workshop

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Summer Enrichment Workshop (SEW), the annual program for gifted and talented students sponsored by the Program for Gifted and Talented in Special Education at The University of Alabama, is embarking on its thirty-fifth year.

Students who have completed grades K through 8 and are enrolled in gifted programs, with consideration for other qualified students as space permits, are invited to attend.

Latin Summer

LatinSummer is returning to the Birmingham area again this summer, to be held on the campus of Samford University in conjunction with the Department of Classics. LatinSummer is a two-week summer enrichment program that provides students in elementary and middle school a unique chance to learn about Latin and the classical world. Over the past fourteen years, LatinSummer has introduced Latin and the Classics to students all over the country.

Now, LatinSummer returns to the Birmingham, Boston, and Northern Virginia areas, giving students the opportunity to explore classical and conversational Latin, Greco-Roman mythology, and Roman culture and daily life! Topics may include Latin vocabulary and word roots, building hands-on Latin sentences, the Olympic games, Roman clothing, gladiators, architecture, banquets, mosaics and art, gods and goddesses, and many more! Students will be grouped by age. Instruction, pacing, and content will be tailored to the unique needs of each age group. No prior knowledge of Latin or Classics is required.

Who: LatinSummer is open to elementary and middle school students. All students in the program areas can attend: students in public school, non-public school, and homeschooled students.

Dates: 2 weeks in July (weekdays only)

Times: 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Where: Birmingham, AL, Samford University

Cost:   $275 ($295 in Boston) with significantly reduced rates also available depending on financial need.

Tee-shirt included. Our special reduced rates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Transportation scholarships may be available in some program locations. See our website for eligibility requirements.

Registration: Visit To register by mail – download a brochure and send the registration form and fee to the address provided. To register online, fill out the online form and pay by credit card. After your registration has been received, the Institute will send you confirmation of your registration. Deadline to register: May 31.

 When students learn Latin, they learn about far more than a language and a culture. They learn to appreciate humanity. The classical world can be found in our literature, art and architecture, values and political ideals, and sense of history. Latin also helps students to develop a stronger English vocabulary, connections with other subjects, skills of logic and reason, an ability to think critically, openness and creativity, and enthusiasm for learning.

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Watch what LatinSummer is all about in this video:
LatinSummer in 2 Minutes


Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) Summer Programs – Purdue University

contact:  Stacey Folyer 765-494-7243 or

Every summer, for over 34 years, GERI has engaged gifted, creative, and talented students from across the country and around the world in residential camps designed to stimulate their imagination and expand their abilities. Students who have completed grades 5 through 12 live in campus residence halls, take challenging courses, and participate in engaging recreational activities. GERI offers three programs each summer.

What will you experience at GERI Summer Camps?  · Intellectual Challenges · Personal attention from talented and caring staff members · Outstanding Purdue University facilities: residence halls, dining halls, classrooms, and labs · Friendships with others from around the world who share similar interests · Enjoyable learning and social experiences